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Strathmore Lodge.  Alltnacaillich Near Altnaharra by Lairg. Sutherland. IV27 4UJ Scotland

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Stratmore Lodge Interior

A breathtaking entrance to the iconic Ben Hope.

Strath means a wide valley. Strathmore; the vale of the River More, although it is always refered to as the Strathmore River running northwards into Loch Hope and by River Polla into Loch Eriboll and the vast North Atlantic. The shingle based river provides some of the main spawning ground for the Hope river system. Hence an excellent sport for both Salmon- and Sea Trout fishing.

Strathmore is also well know for being the birthplace of Scotlands great Gaelic poet, Rob Donn, who's real name was Mackay and said not to be able to read

nor write and never spoke a word English.

Like Rob Donn, you will also find inspiration from the mountains, moors and water. The fauna and flora. The weather, the changeing light that seem to sequently highlite areas of special beauty as the clouds open and close.

At a bend on the banks of the Strathmore River lies the lodge. Sheltered from the north-wind by trees it has been welcoming travellers since early 1900.

The dwelling is probably from 1900 -1920 and is now part of the WildLand portfolio of extraordinary properties. The lodge is self-catered and offers cosy and comfortable accommodation for up to six people. A perfect base for those who love the out-doors and the traditional Highland pursuits but crave for an original and contemporary stay.

"I was born in the winter

Among the lowering mountains

And my first sight of the world

Snow and wind about my ears"

Rob Donn


The Lodge





The Interior